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Verifica has an omnichannel platform in Customer Telephone Management for both inbound and outbound campaigns, and offering possibility of multilingual agents.

In addition, when required, Verifica can implement the platform in client offices.

We specialise in:

  • Personal loans. Pre-approved and direct.
  • Credit lines. Pre-approved and direct.
  • Credit cards. Cross selling,cold lists and partners.
  • Insurance. Health, accidents, payment protection, etc.


  • Campaigns.

    We’re experts in Cross selling and Upselling campaigns, Partners and cold selling.
  • Qualified team

    Our team is highly qualified in sales, attraction and retention.
  • Business Intelligence/Data Analytics and Quality Audit

    Our operational strategy is based on the tools of our Business Intelligence/Data analytics and Quality Audit areas, ensuring the selection of the best strategies.
Our certificates