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gestioncobroCollection Management


1. We analyse the portfolios, identifying groups of information and behaviour patterns which help us to define strategies and make decisions.

2. We plan strategies which help us to assign the best professionals to each area, set objectives and KPIs, design Dashboards and reports.

3. We maintain continuous monitoring and improvement based on our Data Analytics / BI and Audit departments, which supervise the development of the operation and identify and correct any deviations in real time.

  • Collection Management

    Verifica has teams which specialise in offering the best regularisation agreements for the end clients, adapting to the relationship models they have with their entities.
  • Face-to-face management

    Verifica carries out this management on a national level, by way of personalised requests and interviews with the debtor at their address. We have specialists in recovery of both companies and individuals as well as in the management of high amount debt Leasing, Auto and Mortgage.
  • Judicial management

    Actuación judicial directa.

    Direct judicial proceedings. Processing of all types of legal proceedings in a solid network of law firms across the country.

    Apoyo litigio.

    Litigation support. Collection management parallel to the Judicial Process, seeking partial or total solutions.

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