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Compliance: the basis for Verifica’s business activity

Compliance is one of the key foundations for Verifica’s business activity and its management system. Verifica structures its activity on the development and implementation of policies and procedures, the dissemination and training regarding regulatory compliance and the identification, evaluation and mitigation of potential hazards which the company may incur.

Our Compliance System is ever-changing and updating in order to adapt it to the current business activity of the company.

Our Compliance System is based on the following principles:

  • An adequate structure with a clear assignment of the roles and responsibilities of each employee in the company.
  • Policies and procedures which govern our day to day.
  • Controls to ensure the compliance with our policies and procedures.
  • A technology infrastructure based on the standards and guidelines of ISO 27001 in order to ensure the information security and data privacy in our systems.
  • Communication and training for all company’s employees.
  • Review and updating our regulatory Compliance System.

Communications channel for Verificas clients and suppliers.

As a Client or Supplier of Verifica, we want to offer you the possibility to send us your comments, complaints or suggestions through this channel:
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